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True Canada Pharmacy Testimonials

Here at True Canada Pharmacy, we want you to know what makes us a truly great Canadian pharmacy referral service. To do that, we asked over a dozen of our many, many customers to provide testimonials, and they were happy to do so.


Well, there are many reasons. However, we believe that some of these reasons involve the reasonably priced medications we offer alongside flat-rate shipping. We’re also more than proud to be regulated under the pharmacy service authority CIPA so that our medications remain safe and effective.

Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonials to see for yourself!
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By Harry, F Louisville, KY — November, 2019
A new level of convenience.

By using your service, I save about 30% on all of the prescriptions I order. Your company has made a positive impact on my life in both stress related and cost related area. That has brought a new level of convenience in ordering medication. My local pharmacy was more costly, and it wasn’t as convenient. I was chasing around different pharmacies, trying to get a better deal- this is easier. Ordering is convenient because of the online website that's available, even never having used another online pharmacy ever. I’d tell anyone in need of prescription medications to try you as it’s a great convenience. It’s easy. My favorite part about your service is that I get a proactive call saying that I’m up for a refill. So they call, and the real home run is they call my doctor’s office and get a prescription directly. It’s just really great when I get a call, it nudges me and they offer to contact my doctor’s office and they verify that information to get my prescription refilled. Before I had to call my doctor’s office, get the prescription refill and get it to y’all and it was just so much more of a hassle than it is now.