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Put Your Restless Legs to Rest

Wednesday 29 May 2019
Health & Wellness
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Table of Contents

I. What is restless leg syndrome?

II. Establish supportive strategies

III. Get approved medications

What is restless leg syndrome?

Is your need to move your legs keeping you up at night? Well, you’re not alone! Around one out of every 10 Americans deals with this overwhelming and unpleasant desire to move their legs whenever they try to rest. Caused by a sleep-related movement disorder known as restless legs syndrome (RLS), this condition can make getting a good night’s sleep next to impossible. [1]

To get the rest both you and your legs deserve, you’ll want to apply the following methods.

Establish supportive strategies

Along with medications like MIRAPEX ER® (pramipexole), the first method is to establish some strategies that will help you cope with your RLS. Because this condition is typically a life-long one, you’ll need to be able to find ways of living around it.

Some of these might include:

  • Being open about your condition — If your friends, family members, and coworkers know what you’re dealing with, they may be more understanding when your frustration gets the better of you at times.
  • Avoiding the idea of suppressing movement — While you might think the best way of removing RLS from your life is by suppressing your urge to move, which can actually worsen your RLS symptoms.
  • Looking for help from support groups — These types of groups can help you find people in similar situations as yourself so that you can gain insights from each other that you might not find elsewhere. [2]

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Get approved medication

Once your strategies have been established, you’ll have more time to focus on reducing your RLS symptoms. At that point, go talk to your doctor. They will be able to prescribe you medication that can help manage your RLS’ severity.

But because there are a variety of medications that can be used for that purpose, you may want to ask after a particular medication. For instance, you may want to look into medication that’s specifically FDA-approved for RLS, such as MIRAPEX ER® (pramipexole).

To lessen the cost of this treatment, you can simply get it shipped through an international or Canadian pharmacy referral service. This type of service can connect you to licensed pharmacies outside of the United States where prescription prices are cheap. So you’ll get the medication you need without sacrificing too much financially.

Then, with coping strategies and medication combined, you’ll finally be able to put your restless sleep and legs to rest.

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